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My decision to go plant based came about 10 years ago. However, I did go vegetarian in my teens which went horribly because I wasn’t educated enough on nutrition. I mean after a year of not eating any meats or seafood I ran to the closest steak house and ordered a steak. Cooked rare. Come to find out, I was extremely anemic at the time.

This time around I had a bigger reason, (I was pregnant) educated more on the ethical practices of where our food comes from, and had a better understanding of my body and nutrition.

So you can say, I did it not just for myself but for the health of my son, animals and the environment.

I’ve learned and continue to learn what works and what doesn’t work for me. Thing is, we are constantly changing and what worked for us last year may not work for us this year.

Learning your why is the most important thing in this journey and will allow you to stay on track.

The journey hasn’t been a perfect one. I was a ovo lacto vegetarian who consumed cheese. I went vegan throughout the years but always would give into a hot slice of pizza after a few drinks with friends. I’m human and I’m not here to shame anyone including myself.

However, things shifted once I realized how much better I felt when I didn’t consume dairy.

I was constantly bloated, had acne (still have some hormonal break outs from time to time) and was constantly dealing with inflammation.

I started learning how to adjust to a life without cheese and through trail and error, I found vegan cheeses that were actually good!

Sprouts craft 

Follow Your Heart 


Nuts for cheese 

The journey is far from easy. However it’s not impossible. It gets easier with practice , education and time.

You have to plan ahead, read labels, look at menus before going to restaurants ( I mean who doesn’t already), Learn how to build meals that are nutritionally dense, but most importantly give yourself grace. It’s a journey worth trying.


As always,

– Be kind –



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