Thank you for taking chances. For always being the one who just didn’t give a fuck or give up. As long as I can remember, I did what was true. Maybe at times not at the very beginning of things. You know, when you did something because it was safe. Secure.

Yet deep down you knew it wasn’t for you. You never suppressed the little voice.

You did what you wanted. Well besides dying your hair pink in middle school or dying it grey in your twenties.

You pushed through. Left the country. Got the degree. Did that job. Excelled. Started a family. Moved. Moved again.

Had it.

Lost it.

Fear and self doubt held you tightly.

Stopped you for trying, learning, experiencing. Rebuilding.

But you remembered how fearless you were.

When you believed, committed and never settled.


Compliancy kills dreams.

Compliancy feeds regret.

Compliancy equals losing.

So continue to embrace love. Ultimately self love.  Celebrate your victories. Even the small ones.  Never settle and appreciate this beautiful life.

I feel as if a new chapter is being written. The subtle changes are more apparent. It’s like a snowball. One changed behavior and then the next.

Allowing this momentum to continue to reach my meaning of success.

It’s funny the narratives well tell ourselves.

How we believe them as true. Concrete.

However, we have the power to change our story. Like an author of a book.

So, I tell you. Don’t settle in that place of self doubt for long.

Because so many of us are here waiting. Eager to turn the page with you. 

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