I ask myself. How did I get here? How did the life I dream of become a reality? 

My sister worded it perfectly. Everything you did in these past few years have lead you to this point.

She’s right. I had a vision. And even though at times I wasn’t sure exactly what that entailed, I knew I wanted more. 

More time with family, friends and most importantly myself. 

My life felt super hectic for a long time. Wanting to achieve what I felt was a secure career, I lost myself. I thought I wanted a traditional career. I wanted to climb the corporate ladder of success. 

It took me years to realize, it wasn’t for me. I enjoy growing people, leading by example, and working as a team. However, I learned you can do that in many different roles.

I’ve learned that we do not have to keep ourselves in an environment that is not healthy.

If your job is causing you unhealthy anxiety, maybe you should reevaluate what you’re doing. The struggles of getting out of a toxic environment may not be easy but it is not impossible. To a certain extent we allow things to happen in our life. 

To say my time in my previous roles wasn’t beneficial would be a lie. I learned so much from the leaders around me. I learned how to lead and be lead. I learned that constructive criticism isn’t an attack on who I am as a person but valuable feedback. My time in my previous positions have helped me achieve many things outside those roles. 

I’ve created a couple businesses. One failed. The other is currently is still in the beginning stages.

I enjoy what I do but I’m always seeking more. 

To grow, learn and experience what others can teach me. 


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